Canoeing in Backwaters of Alleppey

Canoeing In Backwaters, KeralaCanoeing is sheer fun in the backwaters of the most famous backwater destination of Kerala, Alleppey. It is the best location to reward yourself with oodles of scenic beauty. Beautiful paddy fields, coconut lagoons, small islands, fishermen catching fish, children playing with water are some beautiful sights to behold on the backwaters of Alleppey. Take the paddle and propel your canoe on your own. It will be fun!The Alleppey village is famous for its coir products. Travel to the craftsmen on a canoe and have a look at their talent of making coir.?

Canoe is an important means of transportation across and along waterways in Kerala. The word 'Canoe' is believed to have originated from the word Kenu meaning 'dugout'. Some other stories are also related to the origin of 'Canoe'.

Take a canoe trip around the village and get acquainted with their culture. It is not easy for them to live a life which is so much dependent on boats. The thrill lies in seeing your canoe sailing on water, the level of which is often higher than that of the green fields on both sides. Canoeing is one experience in Alleppey which you will never forget.

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