Chitra art Gallery and Napier Museum

A Glimpse Into The Delightful Past of Kerala

Chitra Art Gallery Trivandrum Kerala

A visit to Napier and Chitra art gallery will transport you to the glorious bygone era. It is the perfect place to see the possessions of sheer historic importance. They will give you an insight of the tastes of the royal kings of the past. It is located at the heart of Trivandrum. The Napier Museum complex houses the Napier Museum and the Chitra art gallery. It was built in the 19th century. Its beautiful Indo-Saracenic style of architecture is notable. It is a perfect blend of Mughal, Kerala, Chinese and Italian architectural style. It is closed on Mondays and Wednesday forenoons.

The Napier Museum displays a are collection of artefacts, age-old ornaments, bronze idols,a chariot and ivory carvings. All these royal possessions are a testimony to the rich heritage of Kerala. The museum derived its name from the then Governor of Chennai, Sir John Napier. It is also known as the Government Art Museum. Other noteworthy attractions in the museum are the paintings from China, Japan, Tibet and Bali.

Within the complex of the Napier Museum lies the Chitra Art Gallery which attracts tourist attention for its Bengali paintings, Rajasthani and Mughal miniatures, Tanjavur paintings and the beautiful work of a Russion artist, Sir Svetosku Roerich. It displays a beautiful collection of? paintings by Raja Ravi Verma. Other attractions are the portraits of the then Maharajas, British residents and other important figures.

Napier Museum and Chitra Art Gallery are? a paradise for painters and art lovers in true sense. Even if you are not that inclined towards history and paintings, you must pay a visit to the Napier Museum and Chitra Art Gallery. The art and architecture will definitely make a way into your heart.

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