Dharmadam Island Beach

Dharmadam Island As the name indicates, Dharmadam is a beautiful island, which is covered by Anjarakandy river on its three sides and Arabian sea on one side. This small green land is sprawled over an area of around 2 Hectare and is at a distance of approximate 100 meters from the mainland at Dharmadam. Coconut palms and dense bushes of the island provide a green view from the Muzhappilangad beach. The island is easily accessible from the beach during the low tide but the permission needs to be taken as the island is privately owned.

Attractions at Dharmadam


Located in Dharmadam village, Andalurkavu temple is dedicated to Lord Ram. Counted among the the most famous Kaavus in the Northern Kerala, reflects the Kands of Ramayana like Sundarakanda and Yudhakanda. Padmashiva is also a deity of this temple which stands alongside Lord Ram. Annual celebration of the temple is organized in a form of festival, which includes visualisation of devotional unity. One can witness the great culture merging of routine life and mythologies.

The Jagannatha Temple at Dharmadam Beach

The Jagannatha Temple

Set up by Sree Narayana Guru, who was a great religious reformer, The Jagannatha Temple is a prime attraction in Thalassery. This is a popular temple where worship is performed by non-Brahmins. In 1924, the scheduled caste and tribe men were admitted to the Jagannatha Temple. The temple is famous for its eight days long festival, which takes place during February and March. Spectacular pageant of trained elephants is the major attraction and deserves to be praised.


As the island is privately owned so there is no accommodation option is available on the island but near the beach, tourists can choose the home stays that suit them best.

Getting There

By Air: Kannur international airport is the closest and is easily accessible from all the prime locations of the world. All the major service providers serve regular flights to and from all over the world.

By Rail: Thalassery station is connected with all the important cities of the nation. A regular service keeps the station connected and easily accessible.

By Road: A wide network of roads connects the city with nearby cities. Apart from the state transport, tourists can hire private vehicles to reach the city.

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