Pondicherry Tour

A Perfect Blend of Indian and French Culture

Botanical gardens, PondicherryPondicherry – a destination which has earned boundless love and admiration of tourists for its beauty and serenity. Every year millions of tourists snatch some days from their busy schedule and throng in here for vacation. Pondicherry is a Union Territory of India and was originally known as Puducherry, meaning 'new village'. Come to this tranquil land and delve into its impressive architectural marvels, historic sites, mesmerizing beaches and wonderful climate. The cool breezes at the beaches are highly refreshing. Botanical gardens are a pleasant experience for nature lovers.

Pondicherry was once the capital of the French colony in India. Its history can be traced back to the 2nd century. Archaeological evidences indicate that it was once the trading centre dealing in the import of Roman goods in the first century. It witnessed several battles between the French and the British. The French had left a deep influence on Pondicherry during their rule. The Union Territory is sectioned into two parts: one is the Indian Quarter(Black town) and the other is French Quarter(White town). Both the regions have differences in their architectural style. People are liberal in approach here.

The official languages of Pondicherry are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and French. English is also spoken here. It is the land where the celebrated Freedom Fighter and Spiritualist Sri Aurobindo lived in the past. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is mostly visited by the tourists who are inclined towards Philosophy of Life. The famous festivals of Pondicherry are Villianur Temple Car Festival(May), French Food Festival(August), and Fire Walking Festival. Dance and Music forms of? this Union Territory are mainly the extensions of other South Indian dance and music.

The cuisine of Pondicherry is highly influenced by Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and more importantly the French. Here you can savour both Indian and French food. Chutnies and curries of the Union Territory are quite famous. Some of the delicious culinary delights are? Coconut curry, tandori potato, soya dosa, curried vegetables, stuffed cabbage and Italian baked beans


Shopping is a memorable experience in Pondicherry not only because of the beautiful handicrafts available here but also because of their low prices. Leather items, Jams, handmade paper, pickles, incense sticks, perfumed candles and pottery are the famous here.


The absence of luxury taxes in Pondicherry add more charm to the stay here. Hotel Ram International, Hotel Annamalai, Sea Gull Chunnambar beach resort, Kailash beach resort and Hotel Pondicherry Ashok are a few famous accommodations available here.

How To Reach?

Pondicherry is connected with the Indian cities and the countries of the world through the airport at Chennai(Tamil Nadu). It is accessible from Chennai by trains and buses.

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