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Matri Mandir Auroville PondicherryAuroville – Seeking Unity In Diversity. This City Is Like A Journey Of 'Human Revolution' And Its People Are Like Travellers? Who Are Seeking Balance In Body, Mind And Spirit. What A Heavenly Town!

Auroville is a celebrated tourist destination which is popularly known as the 'City Of Dawn'. It is located in the Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu which is 10 km from the north of Pondicherry. It was established with a vision of making it a Universal town where people from different nationalities , beliefs and traditions could live in perfect harmony. It was the first endeavour of its kind dealing in human unity in diversity. The landscape of the city is dotted with around 1000 varieties of trees making its environment fresh and healthy. The vegetation here houses several animals and avian species. Sight of foreigners is a regular sight as they have settled here to live close to nature. The city is governed by the Auroville Foundation through the act of Indian Parliament.

Auroville was established in the year 1968 by Mirra Alfassa who was a yoga leader. She was known as the Mother and was a staunch believer in the philosophies of Sri Aurobindo, a yoga guru. She thought that the establishment of the city would bring about a positive change in the Sub conscious of the people when it comes to human relations. UNESCO passed the project of this city in 1966. The inauguration ceremony on 28th February 1968 was marked by the presence of guests from 124 countries.The main attraction of the city is the Matrimandir, a globe like structure enveloped in golden discs. It symbolizes the God's answer to man's inspiration for perfection. It is surrounded with lush green gardens. It houses a beautiful room for meditation. In the middle of the hall lies a 70 cm shimmering crystal ball in a gold mount.

Auroville is a sparsely populated area consisting of about 1,100 inhabitants from around 30 countries.? The city has been sectioned into four zones: the 'Residential zone, Industrial zone, Cultural zone and International zone. Several activities practised in the city are organic farming, use of alternate energy, environment regeneration, village developmental programmes, theatre, music and art. Several developmental programmes have been funded by the Government and NGOs. Some organizations from United States and Europe have also shown keen interest in providing funds for the growth of the city.

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