Backwaters Kumarkom

Backwater Kumarkom, Kerala"Imagine opening your eyes every morning to a sheet of still, blue water and majestic palm tress gently swaying in the breeze. To define the feeling in one sentence : Nature undisturbed by man is wonderful and inspiring, and Kumarakom is just that!" These lines were written by a singer named Srinivas. They truly inspire one's heart to head to Kumarakom .

Kerala is tantamount to backwaters. And you have not enjoyed your trip to Kerala to the hilt if you have not experienced the delight of the backwaters cruise in Kumarkom. It is one of the most celebrated backwaters destinations of the state and is located on the imposing Vembanand lake. On the backwaters? you can enjoy the adventurous activities such as boat cruise, fishing and canoeing which are full of joy and excitement. Boat races are an important event held here. Shoot the different species of aquatic life such as crabs, frogs, mud skippers, water birds like kingfisher, darters and cormorants and animals like turtles in and around the backwaters? with your camera.

How about a stay on a houseboat? Sounds interesting! At night peep through the window of your houseboat and you will be greeted by nature cloaked in romantic moonlight. The star-studded sky, the romantic moon and the mesmerizing sound of the backwaters add wings to your imagination and take to another place, another time. The houseboats are called 'Kettuvallom' by the local people of the place. They even give interesting names to their houseboats. Originally these houseboats were used for transportation of grains harvested in the fields alongside the backwaters. Another option for your stay is the resorts established on the several impressive islands in Kumarakom. These are fantastic resorts which provides great hospitality and blissful Ayurvedic massage.

The backwaters are surrounded with lush green vegetation consisting of mangroves and coconut palms offering a soothing effect to eyes. Wherever you see, you will find greenery and peace.

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