Houseboat Alleppey

House Boat, KeralaAllepy is an enchanting place in Tamil Nadu famous for its rice farming which is done below sea level. It is a land endowed with picturesque backwaters. Its backwaters attracts tourists from across the globe contributing to the tourism of Tamil Nadu. The backwaters are also the venue for the exciting snake boat races which are held once in a year. A stay at the house boat on the backwaters can fetch you a life-time experience. In fact, this is the best way to enjoy the beauty of backwaters.

The life-line of Allepy is its house boats which are called 'Kettuvallam' measuring up to 80 feet in length and 15 feet wide in the middle. Oodels of hard work and expertise are required to transform wood into such a beautiful structure, Kettuvallam. The literal meaning of the word Kettu is 'tied with ropes' and Vallam means 'boat'. 'Anjili' is the wood used for constructing the house boat. House boat is made by assembling wooden planks which are then stitched together using coconut fibre ropes. Bamboo poles and palm leaves are beautifully used for making the roof. A coat of cashew nut oil is applied on the outer side of the boat for protective purpose.

Originally, the Kettuvallams were basically used for transporting goods. While travelling boatmen? would sing their traditional songs and? cook food together, thoroughly enjoying their journey. Now, keeping the tourism in mind, the house boats have been renovated into floating castles equipped with all the modern facilities required for pleasurable and comfortable stay. Well furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, traditionally decorated living rooms, dining area, kitchen and airy balcony, house boat has it all. For electricity, house boats have diesel engines. Solar energy is also tapped for meeting the energy requirement.

Enjoy the perfect holiday enveloped with excitement and beauty at the house boats of Allepy.

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