South India Travel Guide

India is simply incredible and so are its southern destinations. Millions of tourists from across the globe head for South India every year to spend some quality time with mother nature. If you like versatility, then no other tourist destination can be the best bet but South India. South India is a part of India consisting of several exciting destinations such as Tamil Nadu, Mahabali Puram, Kumbakonam, Kanchipuram,

History of South IndiaThe glorious history of South India dates back to 8000 BC. Ash moulds found in South India are a testimony to the neolithic cultures which once existed here. Other objects such as ground stone axes and objects made of copper were also found in this region. The inception of 1000 BC saw the arrival of Iron Technology in the region. Then came the Bronze age. South India was also an important trading route connecting the Mediterranean and the Far East. This resulted in mixing up of local people with the traders.

The rich culture of South India can only be truly experienced by participating in its festivals, savouring its cuisine, knowing its architectural heritage, experiencing the charm of its beaches and exploring its destinations.

South Indian Food / CuisineThe joys of the table belong equally to all ages, conditions, countries and times; they mix with all other pleasures, and remain the last to console us for their loss." This is a quote by Jean Antheleme Brillet-Savarin but the joy this quote echoes can truly be experienced by savouring the delicious and healthy cuisine of South India. The delicacies of the Southern part of India are famous all over India and? even tantalize the taste buds of the tourists.

Since ancient times South India has played an important role in making the Indian culture rich with its various dance and music forms. Dance and music seem to run in the blood of South Indians. The children in this region of India are encouraged by their families to learn dance and music. Touching various themes the South Indian dances are influenced by the temples there. The dance forms of the states of South India are famous not only in India but abroad as well.

Handicrafts, South IndiaEndowed with rich culture and heritage manifested in its handicrafts, South India is a shopper's paradise in true sense. The richness of South India can be vividly seen in its handicrafts which are very popular among tourists. Art and craft seems to be an integral part of the lives of South Indians. Your trip to this region of India is incomplete without getting a glimpse of its beautiful handicrafts depicting the unbelievable talent of the craftsmen.

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