Chamundi Hill

 Nandi (Shiva's bull) on Chamundi Hill, MysoreThe top most destination in the itinerary of the tourists visiting Mysore is Chamundi Hills. It leaves its visitors spell bound with its beauty. The hill is located at a height of 1,000 feet above sea level. Carry several film rolls while travelling to the hill. Once you reach the top of the hill you will be gifted with panoramic views of the city. Perched on this hill is a beautiful Chamundeshwari temple. It is dedicated to goddess Chamundeshwari. The temple was given a face-lift in the 19th century. On halfway to the temple you will notice a lively statue of Nandi Bull,the vehicle of lord Shiva. The statue is embellished with stunning ornaments. Once the royal family of Mysore used to visit the temple everyday for worshipping the goddess. Chamundeshwari is one of the forms of maa Durga, the symbol of power. It was she who killed the demon Mahishasuram. A huge and colourful statute of the demon is located at the summit of the hill.

The top of the Chamundi Hills can be reached by climbing a flight of one thousand steps. These steps were built by the Maharaja Dodda Devaraja in the year 1659. People say that Chamraja Wodeyar IV was a staunch believer of goddess Chamundeshwari.

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