Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Where Life Laughs In Flowers

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, BangaloreWhere in the world can you see numerous species of plants including some rare varieties from Afghanistan, France and Persia under one roof and a rock which is 3000 millions year old? You will find it in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden located in the 'garden city' Bangalore. Sprawling over an area of 240 acres, the garden boasts of organizing many flower shows especially on 26th January, the Republic day. Thousands of visitors throng in here for rewarding their eyes with the sight of around 1,000 species of flora. It flaunts trees that are 100 year old. It has the subcontinent's largest number of rare species of plants. People are encouraged to grow plants and trees during the show. And who would not get inspired to grow flowers after seeing such beautiful varieties of them! Influenced by the London's Crystal Palace, the Glass House within the garden was built in the year 1840. It houses a wide variety of flowers.

Another interesting event organised in the garden is called "Janapada Jaatre" which is marked with Folk dance and music performances and plays. It is organised by the Government of Karnataka to promote the culture of the state. You will love it.

The Garden is the manifestation of the ideas of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan who were once the rulers of Karnataka. Several species of plants and trees were brought to Karnataka from abroad by them. Water system belonging to the 17th century is still used for watering the fauna here. People come here for morning walk between? 6.00 A.M. To 9.00 A.M. During this time period no fee is charged.

The visiting hours of the Lakbagh Botanical Garden is from 6.00 A.M. To 7.00 P.M. School children can enter the garden without paying any fee but others have to pay a fee of RS 10/-.

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