Maharaja Palace Mysore

Maharaja's Palace, MysoreEpitome of beauty, the Maharaja's Palace in Mysore is a must-see tourist attraction in Mysore. At night the palace sparkles like a jewel as it gets illuminated with around ninety seven thousand light bulbs. It was once the abode of the royal family of Mysore. Its construction was started in 1897 and it was completed in 1912. The Maharaja's Palace is the fourth palace to occupy the area where it stands today. The other three were destroyed by the wrath of lightening and political agitation. The British architect Henry Irwin designed the Maharaja's Palace.

The architecture of the Palace deserves mention. The palace represents perfect harmony between the Indo-Saracenic style and the traditional Dravadian style. It is a three storied establishment with a five storied tower. Its pink marble domes, tall pillars,fortified balconies, spacious verandahs, beautiful minarets, cupolas and arches reflect the expertise of the craftsmen who were employed to create the royal abode. Above the central arch is a marvellous sculpture of goddess Gajalakshmi and her elephants. She is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

The festival of Dusshera is celebrated with pomp and show in the Palace every year. The stage is set on fire by the brilliant performances by the celebrated artists. The festival stretches for ten days and on the tenth day( Vijaya Dashmi) the sight of a parade of decorated elephants is truly exciting.

Major Attractions Of The Maharaja's Palace are:

Ambavilasa or Diwan-e-khas

It is a beautiful hall used by the then king for public audience. Its rosewood doorway inlaid with ivory, stained glass ceilings, beautifully carved columns, ornamented steel grills and opulent chandeliers are note worthy.

Gombe Thotti (Doll's Pavilion)

A wide variety of traditional dolls from the 19th and 20th centuries are on display here.

Kalyana Mantapa or Marriage Hall

It is a stunning hall with colourful glass ceiling with peacock motifs. The walls are festooned with several oil paintings.

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