Tipu Sultan Palace and Museum

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, BangaloreTipu Sultan Palace reflects the rich architectural heritage left behind by a great ruler Tipu Sultan. Although Haider Ali(father of Tipu Sulatn) laid the foundation of the palace but it was Tipu Sultan who completed its construction in the year 1791. Wood had been used liberally in building the palace. The five exquisitely sculpted arches of the palace shows the beauty of Islamic architectural style. Its walls and ceilings were amazingly painted in vibrant colours. Floral motifs on the walls and ceilings are a treat to eyes. Also noteworthy are its pillars, balconies and gardens. It is a double storied establishments which now has been converted into a Museum.

The Museum is located on the first floor of the establishment. Embracing the old memories of the ruler and his family members, the Museum displays royal sketches of Tipu Sultan, Haider Ali, his heirs, and his forts. Maps of the fort is also on display. Other attractions are coinage prevalent during the reigns of Hader Ali and Tipu Sultan and medals.

Several other portraits depicting significant events from Tipu's life have been showcased for public view. Some of the portraits are : Tipu and his family, dead Tipu surrounded by his loved ones and his two sons surrendering to General Baird. Must-see are the photographs of Tipu's war helmets and a mechanical toy tiger.

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