Tipu's Summer Palace

Tipu's Summer Palace, SrirangapatnaReflecting sheer luxury and beauty, the Tipu's Summer Palace is the most impressive structure made by the great ruler Tipu Sultan. The palace is popularly known as Daria Daulat Bagh palace. It was the perfect place for the king to escape the heat of the summers. It is located in the beautiful city Srirangapatanam. Sprawling over a huge area, the palace was constructed in 1784 . Offering peace in plenty, it is the place where the exhausted Tipu Sultan rested after fighting a battle against the British.

The Palace is one of the finest examples of Saracenic style of architecture. Each structure within the palace deserves appreciation. Liberal use of teak wood in the construction of its ceilings, walls, pillars, canopies and arches makes the interiors look elegant and stunning. These wooden structures have been beautifully painted. The inner walls are festooned with floral patterns and geometric designs while the outer walls are dedicated to war scenes and portrait paintings.

The palace has meticulously carved pillars, attractive arches and decorated balconies. For building this palace Tipu Sultan got inspiration from a palace in Sira, which was built by the Moghul Governor Dilavar Khan. It no longer exist. Huge structures and big battlements of the palace characterize the medieval architecture. Tipu Sultan paid a lot of attention to the interior decoration of the palace. Painted decorations were done by great artists of that era.

Inside the palace museum you can treat your eyes to the rare and precious collection of coins, paintings and other belongings of Tipu Sultan.

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