Matanga Tank and Shrines

Matanga Tank, HampiKangiri Gopura is a beautiful temple located in Hampi city of Karnataka. On the northern side of the temple lies a tank named Matanga Tank. It is the main source of water for the daily water requirements of the temple. The fenced tank has rectangular steps with red vertical strips. It reflects the typical architectural style of Hindu Temple. According to the tradition all devotees take bath in the tank to purify themselves before entering the shrine. Some of the devotees take bath in the nearby Tungabhadra river also.

To the left of the Matanga Tank, several shrines are located. These shrines exhibit a great deal of antiquity. Some of the shrines even belong to the 8th century. Over the centuries most of the shrines have scummed to natural degradation. However, the shrine dedicated to goddess Durga, the symbol of power, is still under worship. Once you enter it you will come face to face with an image of a warrior battling with a lion. This shrine was built in pink sandstone. The idol of the goddess in the sanctum-sanctorum has eight arms. The four right arms hold a chakra(a weapon), arrow, sword and a trident(striking the fallen demon); the four of the left arms hold a conch, bow, and a shield; the fourth left hand pulls the tongue of the demon Mahishasura.

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