Festivals in Tamilnadu

Cape Festival, TamilnaduCelebrated with great pomp and show, Cape festival is one of the most important festivals of Tamil Nadu. This festival is celebrated in Kanyakumari, which is an amazing tourist destination. The three sides of this heavenly place are surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. During the Cape Festival, Hindus? bathe at the confluence of the three oceans, as it is considered sacred. The festival is celebrated over a period of three days, marked by wonderful cultural programmes. The Cape Festival is celebrated during the month of October.

Car Festival in Ariyalur, Tamil NaduUnique in its concept, Car Festival is celebrated every year at the Kaliyaperumal Temple in Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu. Stretching over a period of 10 days, the festival falls in the month of March/April. During the festival six beautiful chariots of the four different temples are adorned with flowers and flags, and then sanctified with the idols of the Gods. Irrespective of? religious backgrounds, devotees draw the chariots around the village Nagara Pradakshinam for three days. On the fifth night , a mini car festival is organized, where the idols are taken out in decorated cars. On the ninth day of the festival special poojas are performed.

Onam, KeralaOne of the oldest festivals of Tamil Nadu, Karthigai Deepam is celebrated in the Tamil month of Karthigai when the star Krithigai is on the ascendant. This festival of lights usually occurs on a full moon day. The month of Karthigai holds great significance for the people of Tamil Nadu. The legend goes that in this month, Lord Shiva, with his??? divine power created Lord Muruga. The Shivalinga placed in the temple here is Agni Linga. During this festival, people light small lamps, respresenting the Agni Linga. The festival is celebrated in Tiruvannamalai where people come from far and wide to attend the festival. The Deepam is lit in a huge metal vessel with a capacity of 2,000 liters of ghee. The vessel is 5.5 feet in height and 5 feet in diameter. The wick of the Deepam is made out of 30 m 'Ghada' cloth, which is burnt with 2 kg of camphor on the night of 'Karthigai Pournami'.

Kavadi Festival in TamilnaduThe most important ritual of the Kavadi Festival is to carry the 'Kavadi', a decoration embellished with flowers, up the Palani Hills. During the procession the devotees sing devotional songs and dance to the rhythm of drums. According to tradition, the dance is performed only by men. They dance while balancing a pole - with pots suspended on either end ? over their shoulders. These pots are filled with milk or coconut water. This religious dance is performed in the honor of Lord Murugan, the second son of Lord Shiva. The devotees offer 'Kavadi' to the Lord to overcome all obstacles in life. Some devotees also offer Agni Kavadi to the Lord, a tough feat where devotees walks through the bed of burning coals with the kavadi slung over their shoulders..

Natyanjali Dance Festival ,TamilnaduDedicated to the Lord of Dances, Lord Shiva, Natyanjali Dance festival begins on the day of Mahashivaratri. The celebration stretches for 5 days. The most appealing feature of the festival is the dance performed by the devotees who have long perfected the art. The dance is simple mesmerizing, and attracts plenty of people from across the country. This festival is the perfect platform for dancers to showcase their talent. Participants from across the country come together during the festival. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm especially in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. It is celebrated in the month of February.

Pongal Festival in TamilnaduPongal is one of the most famous festivals of Tamil Nadu. It is a harvest festival, equivalent to a thanksgiving event, celebrated in January every year. It is a four day festival celebrated throughout Tamil Nadu with gaiety. The word Pongal means 'boiling over or spill over'. The tradition of boiling over of milk in the clay pot is observed during the festival. This act is considered very auspicious by Tamils. The first day of the festival is called 'Bhogi festival', which is dedicated to Lord Indra. The second day is marked with the worship of the Sun God. The third day of the festival is for giving thanks to the cattle who are decorated with flowers. The fourth day is known as the Kannum Pongal day, when bull fights are organized. During the Pongal festival, an interesting dish is made with rice, jaggery and ghee.

Tea and Tourism Festival in TamilnaduTea and Tourism festival is a one-of-a-kind festival in Tamil Nadu. It is a three-day stunning festival celebrated in Ooty in the month of January/February. It is organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of India and Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. A wide variety of tea is available at one place during this festival. You can taste and then buy the flavor that you like. If you are a tea lover, you must not miss this festival. Here you can also taste the delicious delicacies of South India. Cultural programmes are other attraction of the Tea and Tourism festival of Tamil Nadu.

Each festival in Tamil Nadu has its own unique importance and flavor. If you get an opportunity to attend any of the festivals, then grab it without giving it a second thought. You will surely enjoy yourself!

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