Cape Festival Tamilnadu

Cape Festival, Tamilnadu

With its roots in South India, the Cape Festival is one of the most popular religious ceremonies in the region. This unique occasion attracts devotees and the travellers, keenly interested in cultural activities. Most of the travellers visit Kanyakumari in October to celebrate this festival that familiarizes them with native culture as well. During the Cape festival, travellers experience beauty of the location along with traditional cultural activities and rituals.

The Cape festival in Tamil Nadu is celebrated in high spirits. It is of great importance to the Hindu devotees. Celebrated for three days, the Cape festival serves as an auspicious occasion to take a holy dip in the ocean. The title 'Cape' borrowed from Kanyakumari that is also known as? 'Cape Comorin’. This one of its kind festival has a global appeal. Cape festival draws tourists from all over the world.


According to the Hindu legends, the Cape festival is the best time to take a holy dip in the Triveni Sangam, the confluence of three water bodies. It is believed that a dip in the holy water of Sangam washes off the sins and purifies the soul. Tourists from far and wide visit Kanyakumari during the Cape festival to pray for forgiveness. They also visit the land to enjoy cultural activities that showcase traditions of this state.

Cape Festival Attractions


The main rituals of the festival include a dip in the Triveni Sangam and offer prayers to the deity. The presence of countless devotees adds on to the grandeur and the social importance of this ceremony. It witnesses people from different casts and religious backgrounds bathing together to purify their souls.

Cultural Events

Cape festival in Kanyakumari brings together cultural performers, from far and near. Celebrated with a lot of excitement, this festival marks the time of an absolute carnival on this land. During the festival, visitors get a chance to peep in to the culture of Tamil Nadu. It is the time when locals paint the town red, and its tourists derive an experience of a lifetime.

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