Kailasanatha Temple Kanchipuram

Kailasanatha Temple Kanchipuram, TamilnaduKailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram, is one of the finest temples built by the Pallavas King Rajasimhain in the 8th century. His son Mehendra Verma Pallava also made his contribution to the temple by extending it further. You must see it to believe that its architectural uniqueness leaves one? enchanted. The striking features of its architecture reflects the typical South Indian style of art architecture. The temple was constructed in the honour of Lord Shiva. The present form of the temple is the renovated one. It was built in sandstone. It is so captivating that it has become a must-see destination of Kanchipuram. It is maintained by the Archaeological Survey Of India. Climbing the seven steps and then making their way through the narrow edifices around the sanctum , the devotees reach the sanctum sanctorum to take blessings from the lord. It is believed that this is associated with some kind of Philosophy. Inside the temple you will notice several beautiful sculptures of lord Shiva in different poses.

The temple has amazingly carved gopurams which are a sight to behold. The shikhara of the temple is in a the form of a pyramid. The Yalis here are of great tourist's interest. They are in the forms of animals. The best time to visit the temple is during the festival of Maha Shivratri. The word Shiva means 'auspicious'. The lord is known for his big heart. The festival falls in the month of March and it is believed that lord Shiva got married to goddess Parvati on this day.

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