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Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple CholamandalamCholamandalam is a home to masterpieces of art and architecture of ancient India. It was once the abode of several talented artists who exhibited their talents in the form of temples. Even today the art is thriving well in this small village. Located only 9 km from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Cholamandalam is doted with several institutes imparting knowledge of Indian art and architecture. Pay a visit to these institutes where you can even buy the artistic works of the students. There are many art galleries to satiate your creative side. The beauty and rich heritage of Cholomandalam attract many a film makers for shooting. Several international artists come here for exchanging their knowledge with each other.

Cholamandalam Attractions

Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple
Gangaikonda Cholapuran Temple Cholamandalam, Tamilnadu This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It was built by the Chola King Rajandra Cholan in the 11th century. Towering to a height of 54.86 m, the temple has nine stories. The temple is decorated with captivating stone sculptures. Its Chola style architecture makes it a popular destination. The statue of the dancing Ganesha inside the shrine is a masterpiece of fine architecture. The walls are adorned with numerous sculptures exhibiting sheer beauty and style. Expertise of the then artists can be seen in the images of dancing Nataraja(the Cosmic dancer) and goddess Saraswati.

How To Reach

Cholamandalam is easily accessible from Mahabalipuram and Chennai. These two cities are well connected with all the major cities of South India and rest of the major cities of India by air, rail and road. You can easily reach Cholamandalam from any of the cities of Tamil Nadu.

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