Hanuman Temple Rameshwaram

Hanuman Temple Rameshwaram, TamilnaduThe Hanuman Temple is famous for the 'floating stone' which was used aeons ago for building the Sethu Bandanam, the bridge between India and Lanka. Hanuman occupies a prized place in the Great Indian Epic, the Ramayana. He was? ardently devoted to Lord Rama and helped him rescue his consort goddess Sita from the Rakshasa King Ravana. Ravana was extremely powerful and was blessed with several boons. It is a five faced temple located in Rameshwaram, the city of temples. The shrine houses the beautiful idol of Lord Hanuman drawn with sindoor. It is called five faced temple because according to the great Hindu mythology, Hanuman revealed his profile with five faces. The five faces are of Lord Hanuman, Lord Narasimha,Lord Adivaraha, Lord Hayagriva and Lord Garuda.

According to the legend the idols of Lord Rama, goddess Sita and Hanuman which were transported to Rameshwaram from Dhanushkodi? when cyclone hit it in the year 1964. Hanuman symbolises sacrifice, devotion, loyalty and bravery. He is worshipped across the country with great faith.

You can reach the Hanuman temple through the nearest airport which is located at Madhurai, Tamil Nadu. The town of Rameshwaram is situated at a distance of 163 km from the airport.? Taxi and bus services from the major cities of Tamil Nadu can be another option for reaching the Hanuman Temple.

For the devotees of Hanuman number five holds immense importance. The reasons for this is the association of the number with the Lord. According to Hindu mytology Hanuman has five faces(pancha mukha), and five bodies(pancha daha). He rose above the five senses(pancha indriyas).

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