Car Festival Tamilnadu

Car Festival, Tamilnadu

The Car festival is as unique as its name. Celebrated for ten days, the festival finds its roots in Ariyalur, a small town of Tamil Nadu. This grand event is a popular attraction of the state. It allures tourists from all corners of the world. Celebrated during the Chithirai or Panguni months of the local calendar (March-April), the Car festival is one of the must attend festivals of Tamil Nadu.


Also known as 'Aani festival', it is one of the most celebrated festivals of Tamil Nadu. Held at the Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar temple, it is famous for its final day procession. Devotees of Swamy Nellaiyppar and Gandhimathi Ambal prepare a grand car for the procession, which makes it stands apart from other festivals of Tamil Nadu.


Celebrated with great pomp and splendour, the festival starts with a ceremony of flag hoisting on the Srinavame day of the month. On the last day, devotees carry the idols of Swamy Nellaiyppar and Gandhimathi Ambal with a grand processions.
The highlight of this occasion remains the beautiful chariot, weighing in tons. Devotees decorate this exceptionally huge car in the best possible manner. The main reason behind the trend of preparing this huge car was to offer every devotee a clear sight of the idols.
Ten days of relentless celebration and devotion is what makes this festival popular across the globe. Presence in the region during this festival offers visitors a chance to receive the blessing of the deity. Tourists visit Tamil Nadu during the occasion to witness tradition and culture of this state.

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