Nilgiri Hill Station

Scenic Beauty of Nilgiri Hills Ooty, TamilnaduNilgiri 'the Blue Mountains' are extremely high on beauty quotient. They are a range of mountains in the western part of Tamil Nadu and at a point where Karnataka meets Kerala. Nilgiri Hills are proud of their twenty four peaks. Standing erect with the tag of 'the oldest mountain ranges in India, they encompass several breath taking hill stations such as Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor. To enjoy the nature at its best, travellers from across the country throng in here. The beauty of these ranges also entices discerning tourists from foreign countries. Trekking in these arresting hills will add a whole new meaning to the experience. Regular flights from Tamil Nadu and Kerala connect the states with Nilgiri Hills.

The steep hills, virginal valleys, rich flora and fauna and blissful waterfalls hold tight the visitors in their scenic beauty. The Sun greets the hills with its rays and the light of the moon embraces its beauty at night. The sight of the tea gardens sprawling across acres of land leaves the onlooker enchanted. Considering the beauty of the Hills, UNESCO World Heritage committee is thinking on conferring a title of UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Nilgiri Hills.

Nilgiri Hills are a lovely abode of a wide variety of wildlife. They are dotted with several wildlife Sanctuaries consisting of rich flora and fauna. One of the famous wildlife sanctuary is Madhumalai which is a home to animals like leopards, panther, spotted dear, barking dear,python,macaque, langoor,tigers,elephants,hyena, sambar and much more. The fauna mainly consists of bamboo and teak.

The Botanical Garden on the Niligiri hills is a bird's paradise. The lush green garden is very beautiful and peaceful. It houses several species of plants, shrubs and flowers. The 'Flower Show' held in this garden in the month of May showcases a wide variety of flowers and plants.

Groove on the exciting boat safaris on the serene Ooty Lake which is a big hit with tourists. During the summers, boat races are also organised here for a duration of two days. There is also a children's park near the boat house on the lake. Keeping the interest of children in mind, a toy train had been introduced in the park.

Climb the Nilgiri Hills and explore and enjoy their geographical diversities! The nature will unfold itself before you. All you need to do is 'seek it earnestly'.

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