Shoppings in South India

Kanchipuram Silk SareesSouth India is famous for its rich heritage, so are its markets which are flooded with a wide range of shopping items especially handicrafts. Shopping in South India is truly a memorable and delightful experience. Each state has something special to offer.

Shopping In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is famous world wide for its impressive handicrafts. Enveloped in unique charm and beauty, some of the handicrafts which must be highly considered while shopping in Tamil Nadu are:

  • The graceful Kanchipuram Silk Saree
  • Durable mats from Pattamara
  • Handicrafts designed out of palm leaves and palmyra fibres which can be bought from Tirunellveli.
  • Exquisite metal ware especially the idol of Nataraja(the cosmic dancer) and paintings belonging to the ancient era from Tanjavur
  • Stone statues from Mahabalipuram
  • Beautiful jewellery from Kumbakonam
  • South Indian silk sarees and Khadi garments from Chennai
  • Silk sarees from Coimbatore
  • Textiles from Madurai

Some of the famous places to shop from are? Tamil Nadu Emporium, Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan, and Raahat Plaza, Chennai.

Shopping In Kerala

Shopping in Kerala is like a dream you never want to come out from. The handicrafts made here are high on quality and beauty. The bazaars are full of beautiful wooden objects carved flawlessly, gold and silver jewellery, metal idols of heavenly deities especially the dancing Nataraja idol, sandalwood items, incredible snake boats, stunning lamps like the Greel lamp(Changalavatta), the Archana lamp and the Arati Dipa. Wooden elephant embellished with colorful clothes and jewellery, flower vases created from coconut shells, coir carpets, beautiful Kathakali dolls, fabrics with lace and embroidery, Kathakali masks and bamboo mat paintings.Best place to buy these handicrafts is Government Emporiums. Kochi and Trivandrum are the hot spots when it comes to shopping.

Shopping In Karnataka

Karnataka offers a lot when it comes to shopping. The state is famous for its amazing silk and cotton fabrics, antiques, fascinating wooden objects with intricate carving, metal ware, pendants, baskets, sandalwood pens, stone statues, paintings and jewellery. Mysore is known for its silk sarees,and? paintings.

Shopping In Pondicherry

Head for the markets in Pondicherry if you are really in love with shopping. Here the handicrafts are available at much cheaper rates as compared to the other states of South India. In the markets of Pondicherry you can buy perfumed candles, incense sticks, handmade paper, beautiful pottery, jam, pickle and leather ware. Textiles in satin, twill, poplin, corduroy, oxford and cambric are produce in abundance in here. This Union Territory of India is also famous for elegant Khadi clothes. Aurobindo Ashram Factory and Sunday market are the best shop destinations in Pondicherry.

Come with us to enjoy the ecstasy of shopping in South India.

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