Music and Dance South India

Bharatnatayam, South Indian DanceSince ancient times South India has played an important role in making the Indian culture rich with its various dance and music forms. Dance and music seem to run in the blood of South Indians. The children in this region of India are encouraged by their families to learn dance and music. Touching various themes the South Indian dances are influenced by the temples there. The dance forms of the states of South India are famous not only in India but abroad as well.


  • Kerala is known for Sopanam music which is religious in nature
  • Karnataka is famous for Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music
  • Tamil Nadu is popular for Carnatic and Folk Music

Dance and Music of Pondicherrey are mainly the extensions of other South Indian dance and music forms.

Some of the famous dance forms of South India are:

Tamil Nadu Dance

It is one of the most famous dance form in India. Initially when it began it was? performed only by Devdasis or 'maids of God' in the temples. It is the oldest of all classical dance forms. Mainly a solo dance, it is extremely strict dance form when it comes to techniques of performing it. You can read its history mentioned in the Natya Sastra, written by the great sage Bharata Muni. The dance is a fusion of two elements: Nritta (pure dance) and Nritya(expressive dance). Colourful bright costumes worn by the performers make the dance more interesting. Both women and men perform this dance form.

Kerala Dance

It is finest form of dance whose history dates back to the courts of the Kings where it used to be performed for entertainment. Flexibility of body is the key in this dance form. It is very dramatic dance involving masks and intense expressions. The theme of this dance is taken from mythology. The mudras are really difficult and demands oodles of practice. Facial make is an important feature of this dance.

It is a devotional dance form belonging to Devdasis. The literal meaning of 'Mohini' is the 'maiden who steals the hearts of men'. It is also a solo dance involving graceful body movements.

Karnataka Dance

Dollu Kunitha
This dance form is steeped in rituals and is very popular in Karnataka. The performer dances on the beats of drums coupled with song. It is mostly performed by the menfolk of the shepherd community which is called Kubra community.


In this dance form, all the main characters reveal their identities on the stage with the help of composition of dance and music. It is basically a dance drama which has around 80 dance sequences in the dance drama. The grace of this dance form can be truly experienced in the popular pot dance wherein the performer while balancing a pot on her head walk with her feet on the rims of a thali.

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