South Indian Weddings

South Indian WeddingsThe South Indian wedding is a ceremony characterized by a number of rituals and traditions which are thoroughly enjoyed by all the people who are a part of the wedding. All the rituals followed in the wedding hold a great significance in the life of the people. South Indians celebrate this occasion with great enthusiasm and joy. They decorate their main gate with full grown plantain trees, rangoli is made on the doorsteps and the guests are welcomed by sprinkling rosewater on them. Fresh?? flowers are also offered to the guests.

One day before wedding the bridegroom comes? with his friends and relatives to the bride's home in a car fully decorated with fresh flowers. This is known as Jaanavaasam. Once they? reach, the engagement ceremony takes place which is followed by Ganesh Puja. In the morning of the wedding day both the bride and the bridegroom take an auspicious bath which is called Mangala Snanam. Then the bride and the groom who are almost dressed to kill exchange garlands.

An interesting ritual of South Indian wedding is Unjal wherein the couple is made to sit on a swing. Now all the relatives of the couple give them a mixture of milk, banana and sugar. Then a coconut and a sari is put in the lap of the bride. Her friends help her to dress up in the given sari and now the ritual of Kanyadanam is performed by the father of the bride. The bride and the groom then take circles around the sacred fire and take a vow to support each other throughout their life. This is called Saptapadi. The groom adorns the bride with a pendant in yellow thread called 'Taali' which is not only a jewellery but the most important ornament for the bride.

The evening is marked with an fun filled game called Nalangu .The couple play this game with coconuts. Now the family members of the couple give gifts to each other. The couple is given blessings and? rose petals are showered on them.

Now its time for Vidai i.e. The girl is now ready to go to the groom's home. All the family members and the relatives of the girl become emotional as their adorable daughter is now heading for her husband's home leaving behind the treasured memories.

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