South India Handicrafts

Indian HandicraftEndowed with rich culture and heritage manifested in its handicrafts, South India is a shopper's paradise in true sense. The richness of South India can be vividly seen in its handicrafts which are very popular among tourists. Art and craft seems to be an integral part of the lives of South Indians. Your trip to this region of India is incomplete without getting a glimpse of its beautiful handicrafts depicting the unbelievable talent of the craftsmen.

Karnataka is famous for

Wood Carving

The topography of Karnataka supports huge forest reserve which provides wood in abundance. As a result wood has been used in most of its architectural marvels. They are carved so meticulously that the onlooker is bound to be spell bound. Ancient palaces and temples are the best places to sight the mind blowing wood carving.

Stone and Ivory Carving

Walk into the temples of Karnataka and you will be bowled over by their stone statues and exquisite ivory work.

Sandalwood Items

Occupying an important place in the culture of Karnataka, sandalwood crafts are quite popular with tourists.

Tamil Nadu is famous for

Step into the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, where a wide range of South Indian silk sarees are available. Other handicrafts found in Tamil Nadu are Kanchipuram silk sarees, fine mats, objects made from palm leaves and Palmyra fibres, brass and bronze statues, metal ware, hand woven clothes, awesome paintings,cotton and silk fabrics,stone sculptures and beautiful jewellery.

Kerala is famous for

Kerala is known for its garments decorated with lace and embroidery work, snake boats made of ivory, gold and silver jewellery, a wide variety of spices, bamboo mat paintings, wood carvings, idols made of metal,sandalwood objects, kathakali dolls, different types of lamps and the exciting Kathakali masks.

Pondicherry is famous for

Pondicherry can be explored for its beautiful perfumed candles, incense sticks, handmade paper, pottery, leather items, pickles, jams and elegant Khadi (a home spun fabric)garments.

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