Malpe Beach Karnataka

Malpe Beach

Craving a novel experience, come to the Maple Beach of beautiful Karnataka. Its appeal lies in its peaceful ambiance and sheer natural beauty. It is a popular picnic spot of Karnataka where tourists come to refresh themselves. Interesting activity such as boat ride can be enjoyed at this beach. The shimmering golden sand, palm trees swaying to the rhythm of cool breeze, the mesmerizing waves and the limitless sky, all of them conspire to transport you to a wonderland at the Maple beach. The view of the fishermen busy catching fish is admirable. Interested in fishing? If yes, walk up to the fishermen who have long perfected this art and take some tips from them. Another attraction at the beach is the awesome St. Mary's Island.

Popular Tourist Attractions

A Picnic Spot

The pristine beauty, beautiful palm trees, and the roaring sea has reinforced in making Malpe as an amazing picnic spot. Tourists from different corners of India come here to view the glimpses of natural splendour.

Water Activities

Malpe is an ideal place for enjoying different water sports. You can indulge in fishing, boating, angling and bathing. The sea enjoys a calm ambiance here except the high tide area as well as monsoons.

St. Mary Island

St. Mary's isles are group of isles, which can be easily accessed by ferry. Vasco-da-Gama touched the island in 1498 before reaching Calicut. These are a few scattered projection of rock, coming out of the Arabian Sea round about the beach. The northern most island is a square mile in area, which houses a coconut garden. It makes it the shady isle of the group.

Noted for its popular basalt rocks, it has crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic.
This is the only spot in India where basaltic rocks show up strange formations.

Other Attractions

If you wish to try something interesting, the speed boat trip is the best option. Besides these, Malpe??? has tourists places like Ullal and Balaram Temple as well.
Malpe is a major port city of Karnataka and is popular for fisheries. Tourists can see fishermen, holding nets full of fishes, out of the sea and sailing in waters in their fishing boats.


There are many hotels that provide excellent accommodation to tourists, visiting Malpe. You can choose from budget hotels as well as star hotels.

How to Reach

By Air: Mangalore is the nearest airport.

By Rail: If you wish to go by rail, Udupi is the nearest railhead.

By Road: Udupi is well linked by roads.

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