Chandikesvara Temple

Chandikesvara Temple, HampiDedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Chandikesvara Temple is conspicuous for its pillared hall. The architecture of the temple is quite impressive. As soon as you enter the temple you will notice the graceful Yalis( a Hindu mythical creature with the body of a lion and some elephant features). This temple reflects the great passion of the Vijayanagara rulers . The pillars of the temple are decorated with impressive carvings dedicated to the themes picked up from the Hindu mythology. Earlier the sanctum sanctorum housed an idol of Lord Vishnu. But at present there is no idol inside it.

The complex of the temple houses two shrines. The main shrine stands in the centre and the other shrine is located in the north west direction. The main shrine has a beautiful hall. It is adorned with numerous pillars which are amazingly carved. Some of the notable carvings are the image of Garuda(the eagle), Kamadenu(the godly cow) and Hanuman. Encompassing the shrine tower are the partly damaged stucco images. When the damaged ones look so beautiful, just image the beauty of the complete stucco images. The most appealing is the stucco image of the crawling Krishna.

Another attraction here is the 'seven hundred pillared' hall located just outside the temple. It was once the resting place for the pilgrims to Hampi.

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