Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple

KadaleKalu Ganesha Temple, HampiKadalekalu and Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha. Located in the historic town Hampi, the temple houses a huge statue of lord Ganesha. It was scooped out of a giant rock at the north eastern part of the Hemakuta hill. The belly of the statue is fashioned in such a way that it resembles a Bengal gram(Kadalekalu in local language) and hence the temple takes it name from this. This towering statue(15 feet tall) is one of the largest sculptures in Hampi. A visit to this temple will surely leave you mesmerized. The ambiance is peaceful. Photography is allowed in the temple and there is no entry fee.

Beautiful shrine was built around the statue. The pillared hall lies in front of the shrine. It is an impressive structure dotted with attractive pillars. The sculptures on the pillars are dedicated to mythological themes. The hall offers panoramic views of the Hampi Bazaar and Matanga Hill. One of the pillars has a carving depicting naughty infant Krishna hiding on a tree. He steals the clothes of the bathing women and hang the clothes on the tree and the women request to return their clothes.

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