Saraswati Temple Hampi

Saraswati Temple, HampiSaraswati Temple is an ancient temple located in Hampi. It is not in a very good condition but still holds its old world charm. The sanctum and the pavilions of the temple are in better condition in comparison to the rest of the structure. The terracotta made stucco figures which were once the charm of the architecture of the temple are now losing their charm. They are almost in ruins. Beautiful carvings can still be seen on the pillars. Although the parapet on the tower of the temple is damaged but the crawling baby Krishna's stucco image can still be seen? on it.

The temple is dedicated to goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. According to the Hindu Mythology, she is the consort of lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe. The four hands of the goddess hold a book, representing the Vedas; pearl prayer beads, symbolizing spirituality and meditation; a pot of sacred water and? Veena(a musical instrument), representing expertise in fine art. Located opposite to the temple is a rock which has a beautiful image of the goddess carved on it. A shrine was built around it and was painted with bright colours. It is this image which indicates that the temple was built in honour of goddess Saraswati.

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