Badavilinga Temple Hampi

Badavilinga Temple, HampiBadavilinga Temple is the pride of Hampi. It is the largest monolithic Linga present in the town. Located near the Narasimha statue, it is visited by devotees throughout the year. The Linga is installed inside a chamber which has a single opening in front. The Linga was commissioned by a peasant woman. In local language the term Badva means poor and hence the temple derived its name from it. See the Linga carefully to notice the three eyes carved on it. These eyes depict the eyes of Lord Shiva. The sactum sanctorum in which the Linga is housed is always filled with water due to the water channel flows through it. You do not have to pay any fee for entering the temple. Photography is also allowed.

In temples dedicated to lord Shiva, a pot filled with water hanging over the Linga is always seen. As per the Hindu Mythology the holy river Ganga had to come down to earth from heaven for the well being of the human beings who were suffering as a result of drought.? But the flow of the water of the river was so forceful that if allowed to fall directly on the earth it would have split the earth into pieces. For the welfare of earthly beings, lord Shiva decided to take the impact on him by allowing the river flow through his hair first. Thus helping the smooth flow of the river on earth.

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