Hemakuta Temple Hampi

Hemakuta Temple, HampiLocated on the Hemakuta Hill, the Hemakuta Temples are a cluster of beautiful temples. The hill offers picturesque views of Hampi. Due to their architectural style, these temples are some times mistaken for Jain temples. Most of these temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. These mesmerizing temples with pyramidal roofs attract a lot of tourists from far and wide. People who are inclined towards the architectural beauty of the past can quench their thirst in Hampi. The northern portion of the hill is dotted with temples constructed in the Trikutachala style. Features of the this architectural style are: three shrines placed perpendicular to the next face a common central hall. Horizontal chain of floral motifs are carved around the outer walls of the temple. The exterior is marked by curvy eaves overhanging.

The hill is a home to several such shrines. Around 36 shrines can be spotted here. The northern slope of the hill is occupied with largest and the most beautiful shrines. On the top of the hill in one of the shrine's courtyard lies a pond. The shrine is called the Mula(the original)Virupaksha temple. It precedes the grand Virupaksha temple in age. The shrine has a hall which is decorated with cubical pillars built in pre- Vijayanagara style. When you visit the Hemakunta hill, make sure you have plenty of time in hand so that you don't miss even one shrine.

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