Murudeshwara Beach Karnataka

Murudeshwara Beach

Murudeshwara Beach is a picture-perfect location, offering an enthralling experience to visitors. It is located in the beautiful town of Murudeshwara. This town is a holy place, believed to be sanctified by a piece of the Pranalinga of Mahabaleshwar thrown by the demon king Ravana. Arresting carvings and statues can be seen here. The view of the sea and the verdant hills make this place worth a visit. The ancient temple at Murudeshwara is still held in high esteem by the devotees who come here from far and wide. A wide variety of fruits is grown in Murudeshwara as it is very fertile. The famous activities of this place are the buffalo races and cockfights.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Murudeshwara Temple

Murudeshwara is another name of the Hindu God Shiva. Situated 16 km from Bhatkal, Murudeshwara Temple is a wonderful temple. Perched on a hillock by the shore, the temple has a huge towering statue of Lord Shiva. Visible from far distances, it is also present in the temple complex. It has the tallest statue of 123 feet (37 m) height of Shiva in the world, which took around 2 years to build. The idol is designed in such a manner that it gets the sun light directly and looks sparkling.
Two life-sized elephants in concrete stand guarding at the steps of temple. The history of the temple dates back to few centuries.


A huge fort lies behind the temple, which is said to be renovated by Tipu Sultan. He was the great ruler of Mysore.

The Beach

A beach lies nearby this beach is an ideal place to relax. Known as the Bhatkal beach, it offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy swimming, pristine sands, boating and water sports.

Other Attractions

Located 16 km away from Murudeshwara, Idagunji Temple is a holy spot to visit. It houses a Ganesh idol which is worshipped by large number of devotees.
Apsara Konda Waterfalls and Beach are the places with hidden beauty in a small forest. Tourists can enjoy the finest view of sunset from here.
Another popular place, called Bhatkal is home to numerous temples that date back to the ruling of the Vijayanagara Empire.


Private hotels and PWD Rest Houses are available as accommodation options for tourists.

How to Reach

By Air: Lies 165 km away, Mangalore International Airport is the important one. However, Hubli and Panaji airports can also be considered as other alternatives.

By Road: From Bangalore, the place is 455 km and from Mangalore, it is 165 km away.

By Rail: Lies on the Konkan Railway, Murudeshwara station has some trains from Mangalore and Mumbai.

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