Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple

Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple, HampiLocated on the top of the Anjeyanadri hill, the Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman, the son of wind. A river flows nearby adding more charm to the temple. The temple is also called Anjaneya temple and is one of the most revered shrines of the Hindus. The temple houses an idol of lord Hanuman positioned inside an amulet(locally called Yantra). The amulet is surrounded by the beautiful carvings of monkeys. In contrary to the idols of the lord in other temples, the idol in this temple is in a sitting position. Here the image of the lord is in a meditative position. Hampi is an important pilgrimage for the devotees of lord Hanuman. It is believed that the Kishkinda(the monkey kingdom) was a part of Hampi town.

The exterior of the Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple is painted with saffron and white strips. The short flight of steps leads to the courtyard of the temple. In the courtyard, several snake stones arranged around the foot of a large Fig tree attract attention. These snake stones are worshipped by the devotees. The main hall in front of the inner sanctum is famous for its architectural beauty. Several carvings of Hanuman can be seen inside the temple. The Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple offers a beautiful view of the river.

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