Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi BeachIf you are looking for a different beach in Kerala, Fort Kochi is the destination for you. A perfect blend of tranquillity and nature makes it a preferred destination amongst the tourists located all over the globe. The blissful environment of the beach spell bounds the guests of the beach. Soothing breeze and endless stretches of water with flavour of the city make it a must visit place. If you wish to collect some extra ordinary moments apart from breathtaking sun rise and sunset views, you can plan a dinner in the star-studded nights on the beach.

Attractions at Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a small village of the state. Lined with bungalows of the old Victorian era style, the village is perfect place to spend an evening while exploring the architecture and building style.

Princess Street at Kochi Beach

Princess Street

This is one of the most beautiful streets of the village. Windowsills laden with flower-pots and bronze stucco walls with peeling pastel take you back in the bygone era. Smell of fresh bread in the street will seduce your taste buds.

Santa Cruz Basilica

Built by Portuguese, Santa Cruz Basilica is around 500 year old. Graceful interiors and Gothic fa?ade with dazzling spires make it a prayer home, which is charming and aspiring. Indo-Romano decor style makes it a must visit place. Tourists visiting Fort Kochi visit the place for its popularity across the globe.

Mattanchery Palace

This monument of historical value is an architecture of 1555 and was built by Portuguese in 1555. Located in Mattanchery, the palace is famous for its Oriental style. Remodelled by Dutch, the palace houses a royal bed chamber, which is called The Palliyara. The walls of the bed chamber depict the entire story of Ramayana.


Apartments, Home stays, Villas and many more accommodation options are available for the temporary guests of the place. It is up to the tourists to choose the one that suits them best.

Getting There

By Air : Fort Kochi is located at a distance of 45 km from Cochin Airport. Tourists from outside the country can land here and and hire the private vehicle for the destination.

By Rail : Distance of 15 km from the Railway Station, Fort Kochi is easily accessible.

By Road : A wide network of roads connects the city with nearby states, which further connect it with rest of the country.

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