Indira Gandhi Boat Race


Indira Gandhi Boat Race

Sometimes, competition turns into a festival to make wider the smile of people. Here competition in Kerala comes doubled of revelry after a name of amiable face is none other than Indira Gandhi. This boat race in Kerala at the constant last week of December is known as Indira Gandhi Boat Race.
Indira Gandhi Boat Race takes place to come a colourful water sport-cum-festival. It runs in the backwaters of the Cochin city of Kerala. The tradition of holding boat races truly does not confine just to Kochi, but it is popular throughout Kerala. The other boat race competitions like? Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Champakulam Moolam Boat Race and Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali also happen in Kerala.


Most of the boat races in South India get associated with the harvest festival like Onam. Indira Gandhi Boat Race is one of them and it is a competitive race that is held on Cochin backwater location. Around 16 snake boats enact in the Indira Gandhi boat race. The indigenous in Kochi and the natives in South India who are farmers OR fishermen get themselves the oarsmen of these boats and get in selection based on their performances.
Indira Gandhi Boat Race Persons who ought to move the oar can have their participation in this boat race. Each group in this boat race contains 150 oarsmen and each boat represents to its village. This festival in Kochi emerges out really as a visual treat to the visitors as well as tourists.


Thousands of people from villages are grouping at the shore to cheer the oarsmen and the tourists are not to miss this occasion on their Kerala Tour. The cheering crowds, zest and festivity flourish after the sixteen majestic snake boats race from neck to neck in gaiety comes to a unique sight. The coveted trophy of the race that was instituted in memory of Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India gives a special boost to tourism in Kerala.

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