Kollam Backwaters

Kollam Backwaters, Kerala

Renowned as home to sea, rivers, mountains and backwaters, Kollam is a beautiful land. It is better known as the land of cashew nuts and lush greenery. This ancient port town was once a thriving commercial and trading centre. Now, it has gained more popularity as a backwater tourism destination. Located on the border of the popular Ashtamudi Lake, it is also known for coir manufacturing.

?The beautiful colours of cultural traditions in vivacious forms can be seen at the time of fairs and festivals. Due to its rich cultural heritage, it serves as an important tourist place in backwater tourism. Kollam also boasts of being the 5th largest city in Kerala. Other popular backwater destinations in South India include Alleppey, Kottayam and Vembnad Lake.

Kollam Attractions

Beach Activities

It is an ideal beach spot that stretches a long way. Tourists can bask in the cool breeze and enjoy swimming and bathing.

Backwater Cruise

The beautiful destination of Kollam is a gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. It takes the regular ferry to Alleppey, which is an eight hours ride offering an amazing backwater experience.

Thangassery Light House

Located not very far from the city, Thangassery is the treasure of imposing remnants of the Dutch as well as the Portuguese forts. This 45 meter high lighthouse attracts the tourists from far and wide.

Mahatma Gandhi Beach

Securing its place in the most popular attractions nearby Kollam, it also stands out for travellers. On this beautiful beach, tourists can also enjoy long walks amidst the serene surroundings. If you want more fun, you can also enjoy bathing and swimming.

Thevally Palace

Situated on the serene banks of the Ashtamudi Lake, Thevally Palace was once served as the conference venue of kings. Built around 200 years ago, this architectural marvel is worth to visit.


Lies 20 km from Kollam, it is a narrow skirt of land that expands in between the backwaters and the sea. The popular Varkala beach is just 15 km drive from here.


Kollam has a tropical climate. It is distinguished by hot and humid summers and abundance of seasonal rainfall.

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You will taste coconut and curry leaves in all the dishes. Though fish dominates the menus yet meats like beef and pork are also available. “Prawn Biryani” is a popular eatery.


While on Kollam visit, you can go for cashew, fresh dates and coir products. Different forms of cashew can be purchased. Decorated mats and floor furnishings are the popular coir products.

How To Reach:

Air: Thiruvananthapuram has the nearest airport.
Rail: Kollam railway station is the convenient option.
Road: NH-47 is the best travel route.

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