Vallikunnu Beach Travel

Vallikunnu Beach, Kerala

Vallikunnu beach is a perfect place to enjoy an escape from routine life. It is counted amongst those beaches that are perfect for your vacation mood. Tourists visit the beach to relax in the arms of mother nature. Counted amongst the most lazy and interesting beaches of Kerala, Vallikunnu beach has a different charm that bind people with the beach, for a stretched time duration. Velvety sand of the beach offers you the environment that suits your idea of visiting a beach. Just relax or indulge in a quick game on the beach, the place is perfect location in every manner.

Vallikunnu Beach Attractions

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary is not less than any paradise for bird-watchers. Tourists can spot around sixty species of migrated avian fauna. Around hundred species in total can be seen in the sanctuary. Highlights of the bird sanctuary are Whimbrels and Brahminy Kites. Apart from these, the region is loaded with a wide variety of fish, mussels and crabs.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary in Vallikunnu Beach


This is the end point of the region, where Kadalundi river merges into Arabian sea. Tourists can spot seasonal birds in Azhimugham. The place is also popular for sight seeing. After opening of the bridge named 'Kadalundi Kadavu', many tourists visit the region to lose in the natural charm. Breathtaking views and refreshing aura are the highlights of the region.

Niramkaitha Kotta Temple

Believed to be around thousand years old, this is a prime religious place in the region. There is a well inside the temple, which is believed to be a sacred one. According to the sayings, the water of the temple has special powers. It belongs to holy river Ganges. Water of the well never gets a single ray of sunlight. There is a way from inside the temple to this holy well, which is used by the priests to collect the holy water for their rituals.


Accommodation options are comparatively less in the region. Prior booking, and extensive search is required to ensure a comfortable stay in the region.

Getting There

By Air: Karipur international airport facilitates tourists from different location across the globe. Tourists can reach the airport using services of different flight operators.

By Rail: Tourists can use rail services of the country for de-boarding at Vallikunnu railway station.

By Road: Malappuram bus station is the closest one and is well-linked with all the nearby cities with a wide network of roads.

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