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Kovalam BeachA visit to the beaches in Kovalam is tantamount to a visit to paradise. The meaning of Kovalam is 'a groove of coconut trees'.The Kovalam town is located at a distance of 10 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. If you are drunk on beaches, spend your holidays on the beaches of Kovalam which are deeply loved by the tourists inclined towards beaches. The credit for highlighting Kovalam as a great tourist destination goes to the Maharaja of Travancore who could see the capability of the place to become a popular tourist destination. And slowly and gradually his dream materialized.

Kovalam flaunts its three bow-shaped beaches which are separated by rocky area. The beaches offer panoramic views filling hearts with sheer happiness. Some tourists capture these views in their cameras and some capture them in their heart. In any case, the memories have their own life. The beaches are lined up with small shops selling snacks, jewellery and sea shells. The sand at the beaches is blackish in colour because of the presence of ilmenite and thorazite in it. Enjoy several water sports at the beaches. Some of them are Kayaking, Swimming, Surfing and Angling. The evenings at the beaches are marked by impressive Kathakali performances. Also enjoy the rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage here. The beach resorts in Kovalam offer houseboats on rent. You like sea food? Relish it at the restaurants near the beaches.

The three beaches of Kovalam are:

Light House Beach

It is the largest beach amongst all the three beaches of Kovalam. It is dotted with a hilllock called Kurumkal hillock. A 35 m high light house was constructed on the hillock.

Hawah Beach

Hawah Beach

Out of the three, this is the second largest beach. Each morning the local fishermen flock to this beach for catching fishes. You can team-up with them to learn some angling skills.

Samudra Beach

Not much people flock to this beach. So visiting this beach can be an opportunity to spend some time away from crown.

Best Time To Visit is from September to May.

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