Chinese Fishing Net

Not Only Catches Fish But Your Attention Too!

Chinese Fishing Net, KeralaPhotogenic is the first word that races through mind when the Chinese fishing net is mentioned. The only one of its kind in India, the Chinese fishing net is a hall mark of Cochin, Kerala. The history of its introduction dates back to the 14th century. The sight of these nets on the Cochin beaches is very common. But a spate of these nets can be viewed at 'Vasco-Da-Gama Square' Fort Cochin which is located at a distance of 14 km from the city. The nets are a source of living for majority of the population there. Some people say that the net was introduced in Kerala by the Chinese explorer Zeheng he whereas according to the other belief it was introduced by the traders from the court of the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan.

Chinese Fishing Net is locally known as Cheenavala and offers an opportunity for a unique form of fishing. They are the fixed land installations which are operated from shore. Each installation is handled by a group of at least six fishermen. The net is attached to bamboo or teak poles and is horizontally suspended in the air all along the coast. They are supported by stones tied to ropes. The operation of these nets differ from the use of the ordinary fishing nets. The Chinese Fishing Net is first immersed into the sea, left untouched for a few minutes and then carefully pulled up at the same time by six fishermen.

The picture of the beaches of Cochin becomes complete with the presence of these big and elegant Chinese Fishing Nets. A scene to behold!

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