Tea and Coffee Plantations

Tea and Coffee Plantations,Munnar KeralaKerala is blessed with varied topography which supports exotic and rare species of flora. The hills and valleys of the state are dotted with lush green tea and coffee plantations. Munnar is a major centre of such plantations and is one of the favourite destinations of the tourists coming to Kerala. In Munnar the trade of tea and coffee is thriving dramatically boosting the economy of the State. Initially tea cultivation was started on the Nilgiri Hills in 1832. After achieving success, the Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar became the next target in 1878. When it comes to coffee cultivation, the credit goes to Ba Abadam, a Muslim saint from the holy city of Mecca brought a few coffee seeds and sowed then in the Chandragiri Hills in Karnataka in the 17th century. Tea and Coffee plantations are also a source of livelihood for thousands of workers. While on your tour to Kerala you must accommodate Munnar in your must-visit destinations.

What about getting acquainted with the process of processing and manufacturing tea and coffee? Good idea! Why not witness it at Munnar itself! Talk to the workers and gain knowledge about recognizing the quality of tea and coffee. There is so much to learn! There are around 16 tea plantations in Munnar which occupy around 85 sq km of land. Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company is the owner of the tea plantations. Even Tata Tea has a minority stake in the company.

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